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Immunosuppressant Medicine

We are exporting and supplying a host of Immunosuppressant Medicines and Drugs that are used for suppressing or minimizing the strength of the bodys immune system. These are also used for treating autoimmune disorders like lupus, psoriasis, & rheumatoid arthritis. In this range, we are offering 400mg Deferasirox Tablets and 500mg Mycophenolate Mofetil Tablets. In case of an autoimmune disease, body's own tissues are attacked by its immune system. Use of Immunosuppressant Medicines and Drugs results in decreasing the strength of immune system and hence suppressing the said reaction.

Product Image (Mofilet)

Mofilet 500mg

Price: 2187 Per Strip of a 10 Tablets INR/Pack

Mofilet 500 Tablet belongs to a group of medicines called immunosuppressants. Mofilet 500 Tablet is used with other medicines to prevent your body from rejecting an organ (such as a kidney, heart or liver) after a transplant. Mofilet 500 Tablet works by supressing your bodys immune system, so that it does not attack the new organ. USES OF Mofilet 500 Tablet Prevention of organ rejection in transplant patients

Product Image (Desifer)

Desifer 400mg

Price: 1500 Per Box of a 30 Tablets INR/Box

Desifer 400 Tablet is a medicine used in the treatment of chronic iron overload caused by frequent blood transfusion. Desifer 400 Tablet helps remove the excess iron from the body and reduce the risk of it causing organ damage. USES OF Desifer 400 Tablet Iron overload Transfusion dependent thalassemia


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